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Fair Play CD cover
     Chwarae Teg
                     Fair Play

                      By Tramor
                                 with Billy Parker


Chwarae Teg, is the reunion album of John Good and John Piggott, with special guest Billy Parker.  After a musical hiatus of 10 years or so, a mutual friend alerted the two Johns to the fact that they were, unknown to themselves, living in the same county again.  Things moved rapidly from rehearsal, to mini-tour and the need for a musical statement that reflected their new-found, sonic enthusiasm.

The eclectic nature of the recording reflects their tangential artistic development during the intervening years and desire to use traditional acoustic instruments and age-old musical forms and stylings in novel ways.  The resulting songs, instrumentals and stories with musical accompaniment, cross over a familiar and unfamiliar landscape.  Ranging from a 9th Century Welsh bagpipe tune to Elvis, there is a surprising (even to them!) degree of unity and accord.

The album was recorded "live" at Playr Recording's studio in Phoenix, Arizona in the summer of 2014.  It was engineered mixed and mastered by Kyle Harris and produced by the two J's and Kyle, with the occasional wise word from Billy.  The endeavor was to emulate exactly the way they sound live and all involved feel they achieved that goal.

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John Good and John Piggott 

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   Track List

     1. Y Deryn Pur  3:56
     2. The Water Kelpie (Ogof Arthur)  12:08
     3. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine  3:15
     4. Y Dydd  3:58
     5. Ar Hyd Y Nos  4:12
     6. Morfa Rhuddlan  3:55
     7. Ar Lan Y Mor (Hafren)  9:10
     8. Cartref Nant Y Dderwen  2:58
     9. Fields of Gold  3:11
   10. Pant Corlan Y Wyn  2:43
   11. Can't Help Falling in Love  4:37

Billy Parker and Kyle Harris
graphic design    Mark Foshee            

First 1500 Years of Welsh Poetry

The First 1500 Years
of Welsh Poetry

Including Fern Hill, a tribute to Dylan Thomas

By John Good

Liner Notes

John reading Dylan The First Fifteen Hundred Years
of Welsh Poetry

The idea behind this presentation is to allow those unfamiliar with the Welsh language and/or Welsh poetry, both in Welsh and English, a convenient access to an often neglected, extremely rewarding, sometimes daunting, obscure and yet magical world of verse.  One that has been flowing (and still flows!) from the western side of Offa's Dyke and, in fact, from Welsh hearts and souls every and anywhere in the world since King Caratocos was a boy!
My qualifications for this job, having learnt/re-learnt Welsh in Arizona; having only three years  apprenticeship of the nine required in the writing of  bardic Welsh poetry; having limited and recently acquired knowledge/exposure to the art form; being a musician !@#$%?...  my qualifications are more on the lines of the enthusiast than the professor.  But the one advantage I have over the literati is the fairly fresh memory of the frustration in not finding (until recently) moderately accessible writings on the subject designed for the novice, in English or Welsh. In a word, I don't believe that a ticket to this show should be so outlandishly expensive and the ticket office such a mysterious place to find. I hope the true professors in this field will gently correct my errors and misconceptions, and that the spark created by this presentation will lead all concerned on to further, deeper inquiry and pleasure.
                                                                                                                                               John Good/Sioni Dda

Download the companion texts to the recording (112K  Adobe Acrobat Reader file).

To listen to a sample of the presentation, select Alternately, click here.     

Track List        
Tenby rock in the morning mist
   1. Introduction
  2. Taliesin/Cynfeirdd
  3. Gogynfeirdd
  4. Marwnad LLywelyn ap Gruffudd
  5. Dafydd ap Gwilym 
  6. Yr Wylan
  7. Hen Benillion
  8. Hedd Wyn
  9. R Williams Parry
10. Herbert and Vaughn
11. RS and DM Thomas
12. Fern Hill

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Album Credits
Boat House Laugharne
               John Good
Mix down and mastering:  
              Kyle Harris
Graphic designers:  
              Mark Foshee
              John Good                            
John Good:
              Voice, 6 string guitar
Steve Colby:
              6 string guitar

Musical composition by John Good.
Photo of John reading by Mike Mclure.

Copyright 2007, All rights Reserved

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